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Why didn't Cersei just shoot Dany/Tyrion at the end of GoT Season 8 Episode 4 ?

If she had shot at Daenerys, Drogon would have burnt the city to ashes. He has a bond with Daenerys. Remember when Jaime tried to attack Dany in “The Spoils of War”? Cersei and King’s Landing would have been dragon fodder. As for Tyrion, I did wonder, but Grey Worm would have made sure Qyburn died in the next minute. Did Cersei want to risk her Hand who will do anything to keep her in power? She needs him. When the two Hands met, the truce was understood. Killing Daenerys would mean that Cersei was fair game along with Tyrion. Killing Missandei was part of Cersei’s terms, but now Daenerys will kill someone in retaliation. So this was not a good situation, nor was it meant to be a genuine parley.

on will have a lot on his mind with Dany, the NK, saving the world, etc. While Sansa is a wildcard and could come up with a powerplay in S8, I don’t think they will need to protect him. Really, the protection will be by not telling the other Lords and Ladies of Westeros. The biggest impact will be on Daenerys, who has taken on this journey to win back her family’s Throne. Jon has the claim, but does not want it, but for Dany to learn that it is not rightfully hers, she will be devastated. It has been her entire journey. But, I don’t think Daenerys will want to kill Jon for it. Jon doesn’t want it, and I really think he’d just give it to her. So, I don’t think Arya and Sansa will need to protect Jon. I really doubt that they will tell anyone other than the immediate family and those main characters such as Dany. The rest of Westeros will not find out, and if they do, it will be near the end of S8.

Perhapse Sansa and Arya will be the least affected by the revelation as Jon is and will always be their 'half brother'. Sansa might decide with a legitimate (based on family name) claim to the throne it is for her best to campaign for Jon to take the iron throne so that she herself could become his wardeness of the North. Arya'sbest bet will be to fight beside Jon. Or, let's get too far ahead of ourselves and see if she wants to take over one of the now abandended castles that lost their posession due to the war of five kings or rivalry with the Starks in the past seasons. It is the complex dynamic that Daenarys will create that affects Jon and how his sisters will want to protect him the most. Sansa will have to want to 'save' him from Dany, even if it takes emphasizing on Jon's Stark identity in order to prevent from a Targaryen alliance.
I was personally hoping to see Arya and Jon reunite but they probably are saving it for when the show comes airs. I also wanted to glimpse at Jaime’s situation and where he has reached. It will be interesting to see what happens along the road to Winterfell. The teaser clip they showed sets the tone for the season - tension. Sansa is reluctantly welcoming Dany to Winterfell and she definitely is not happy, even though she may be happy Jon has returned. This mirrors the Season 1 Episode 1 scene when Robert Baratheon arrived at Winterfell. Ned Stark was happy to see Robert but was unhappy at the circumstance (Jon Arryns death and Robert wanting Ned to be the next Hand.) Ned and Sansa even say the same thing - “Winterfell is yours”.

I am excited. And surprised we didn’t catch a glimpse of Tyrion. Dany seems to arrive in Winterfell with Jorah, her advisor, but not her Hand. It’s… curious. I love that a lot of people thought Sansa would go crazy and were proved wrong with this clip. I mean, she’s a player now. She knows better than to provock Dany in public and make a scene. We all know she disagrees with Jon handing the North to her. But Dany has dragons. And Dothrakis. And Unsullied. And Jon’s support. What I was hoping to glimpse ? Nothing more than what we got. I don’t want to see too much of this season. I was afraid they would tease Arya and Jon’s reunion but they didn’t and I’m glad. I want this moment to be preserved until the episode comes out.

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